Overweight and DepressionIn last article we talk about the reasons of the obesity and in this article we will try to find the link between the obesity and sexual life. But let’s start from the definition of obesity. Obesity – it is an excessive amount of fat tissue in the human body. The disease most often can be seen in women after the age of 40. According to statistics, 50% of men and 60% of women older than 30 years are overweight. Obesity – it is a major risk factor for cancer, cardio – vascular diseases, disorders of sexual activity and other pathologies. Obesity develops because of impaired energy balance between energy intake and expenditure. Often the disease progresses from the banal overeating.

A genetic susceptibility factors, age, professional, sexual factors, as well as some problems of the physiological status (lactation, pregnancy and menopause) may have an important role in the development of obesity. Any form of obesity causes negative changes in the secretion of sex and other hormones. People with obesity have a significant reduction in sexual activity that is associated with both psycho-factors and with a decrease in libido. It is known that active sex life helps to create not only more physical activity, but also restores the normal hormonal balance, elevates mood.

Frequent ejaculation in men (regardless of the method of obtaining satisfaction) contributes to a significant production of testosterone. But considering the emotional state of overweight people, they need the extra stimulation of sexual activity (vibrators, erotic films). It is clear that obesity and sex are almost incompatible. However, despite this, the number of people suffering from such disease is increasing from year to year. At the first sign of obesity, it is necessary to take drastic measures if you do not want to be overweight and depressed with sexual problems.

The main cure for obesity is a sense of balance in the food, reasonable starvation, jogging, sports, easy morning workout. These are important tips for obese women:

1. Love yourself and your body

2. More walk, relax in nature.

3. Do not overfeed your man

4. Watch your posture, gait and mood.

We should say that French scientists have also found that obesity has a strong influence on the sex lives of people. The researchers collected data on sexual behavior of 12,000 French men and women who are obese. Obesity significantly reduces the possibility of human to find sexual partners. If people with normal weight may meet their loved ones at work and at parties, for obese people, according to the statistics, everything is much more complicated. For dating fat women often use the Internet, and men seek sexual gratification from prostitutes.

Men, who suffer from obesity, have 70% fewer sexual contacts than those with normal weight. And do not forget about the physiological complexity, when a big belly or thighs can almost completely eliminate even the possibility of sexual life. As a consequence, the problems of a sexual nature may cause depression and person will be overweight and depressed. A set of food products and their composition largely determine the sexual activity of men and women. If the partners do not watch their food and suffer from obese, then sex for them is often not a source of joy and satisfaction, but the kind of challenge and hard work. It is hard to imagine a man and a woman with a big belly having sex. Most of the poses for them are unacceptable, depriving them the joy of communion and love poetry. Sex and obesity are incompatible, but the number of obese people is growing steadily.

The problem becomes more topical, but our self-love and love for the ‘sweet and tasty’ is stronger. As soon as one spouse begins to gain weight, you must immediately take action, because then it will be too late. A woman standing at the stove should never forget this and should feed her husband and herself with balance. Of course if they want to maintain the normal sexual life and if they do not want to be overweight and depressed. Obesity begins gradually and develops quickly. This is a disease and we should get rid of it from the first signs when it appears.

We have to remind again that dosed starvation, sports, moderation in eating, running, daily morning exercises – these are medications that guarantee recovery. In the bed obese man becomes weak, easily tires, sweating, puffing, and does not satisfy a woman. And such a partner is unpleasant to her. A woman does not want to show it, there are alienation, sexual frustration and quarrels in the family. Most often it ends with the appearing on her horizon athletic-looking man, who quickly finds the way to the heart of a woman. Then the script develops in the same way. This is caused by an extra piece of meat, and a daily slice of sweet cake, and disregard for the daily gymnastic exercises. In obesity, many women become indifferent to everything and fall into despair. They cope with sexual dissatisfaction by an additional meal – a delicious, fat and sweet.

That is why it is very important to take care of your health today. You can start from choosing a healthy diet. For example, you can eat some fruit in the morning and do not eat after 7 pm. Even this first step will show you the benefits of healthy diet for your sexual life. This way you can stop being overweight and depressed.

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